To pull down satanic strongholds for the pastor, the church, and the city.
To spiritually give birth to new ministries through the process of intercession. They work through intercession as follows:

  1. Intimacy
  2. Pregnancy
  3. Travail
  4. Birth

To flow in the gifts that the Lord has given you through the Holy Spirit.
Ultimately we are all working together to find Gods will and purpose for our lives and ministry Ephesians 1:11.


The main focus of the Armour Bearer Ministry is to uphold the leadership of the church in spiritual aspects of the ministry on all fronts. This would include such things as personal intercessory prayer, altar work, spiritual warfare, flowing in ministry gifts, personal spiritual help for individuals, etc. The Armour Bearer will consist of no less than two leaders such as a husband and wife team. There would also be additional workers who are gifted in intercessory prayer and flow in spiritual gifts.


The primary function of an armour bearer is to uphold the leadership in prayer. This takes in five areas.

  1. During their own personal prayer time
  2. When asked by the leadership to intercede on a specific matter
  3. When the leadership is involved in local ministry or abroad on evangelism
  4. During times of special intercessory prayer meetings
  5. For any immediate needs in the assembly such as new ministry, personal crisis, projects for the future, etc.


Armour bearing is not an appointment, it is a call of God to all Christians, specifically to those who are called to a ministry.
It is not an office as much as it is an attitude.

Your anointing deepens in your ministry as it did on Elisha's and Joshua's as they served under Elijah and Moses.

The goal is to strengthen the ministry you are serving even if you differ on some aspects of how things are done. The centurion in Jesus day was the man who attained the greatest faith, merely because he realized he only had authority because he first submitted to authority. Matthew 8:9.

You are helping to fulfill the goals of your pastor, but you also will have goals of your own.

Other Areas

To take the mantle of responsibility in any areas of ministry the pastor and his wife may require help with and call upon you for assistance. This would be as you feel God is calling you to stand along side of them in certain areas of the ministry (e.g. Altar call work, Visitation, Helping with new converts).


Ministry Leader: Jen Barclay.

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