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Step 1: Review the Book, CD or DVD that you are interested in purchasing from the lists below
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Step 3: Mail a cheque or money order payable to World Outreach Ministries to the following address:

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Category: Books
Order ID Cost Title No. of Items
B300 $20.00 Daniel Study 1
B301 $20.00 Revelation Study 1
B302 $20.00 Song Of Solomon 1
B303 $15.00 The Tabernacle 1
B304 $20.00 Leadership Course 1

Category: CDs
Order ID Cost Title No. of Items
C100 $25.00 The Lord's Battle 3 CDs
C101 $20.00 Spiritual Abuse 2 CDs
C102 $20.00 Dreams and Visions 2 CDs
C103 $30.00 The Breaker Anointing 4 CDs
C104 $25.00 The Power of Open Heavens 3 CDs
C105 $20.00 Witchcraft 2 CDs
C106 $25.00 Our God Is A Consuming Fire 3 CDs
C107 $10.00 Dale Hoch Testimony
C108 $30.00 End Times 4 CDs
C109 $10.00 Foundation In Storm
C110 $10.00 Cursing Into Blessing (Shimei)
C111 $10.00 God's Purpose
C112 $10.00 Territorial Battles
C113 $40.00 Gifts of The Holy Spirit 6 CDs
C114 $20.00 Prosperity Scriptures 2 CDs
C115 $15.00 How Can I Forgive Others?
C116 $20.00 The Finisher and The Mighty 2 CDs
C117 $10.00 Delivered from People
C118 $20.00 The Power of Prayer 2 CDs
Category: DVDs
Order ID Cost Title No. of Items
D200 $15.00 Dale Hoch Testimony 1 DVD
D201 $50.00 Revelation 8 DVDs
D202 $15.00 Nothing Is Impossible
D203 $20.00 Power of The Cross 2 DVDs
D204 $20.00 Gifts In Your Life 3 DVDs
D205 $15.00 You Know Not Now!
D206 $20.00 Prophets and Prophecy
D207 $15.00 Raised from the Dead
D208 $50.00 The Book of Daniel
D209 $100.00 Leadership Mentor Course 8 DVDs
Book with 16 lessons
D210 $15.00 Mission Himpossible
D211 $30.00 The Tabernacle 4 DVDs
$50 with book
D212 $20.00 The Anointing 3 DVDs
D213 $15.00 23 Minutes In Hell 1 DVD
     More resources to be added soon.

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